Annual Schedule, 2019

As of February 2019

Church EventsParty/Feasts
New Year Mass Solemnity of MaryComing of Age Day Celebration
1/6(Sun)EpiphanyRemoval of Christmas Decorations bsp Coming of Age Day Celebration
1/13(Sun)Coming of Age Day Celebration
1/14(Mon)Naka church dedication 25th anniversary celebration
1/20(Sun)New and old joint board
1/27(Sun)Annual General Meeting
2/3(Sun)Eucharist servant appointment ceremony
First Communion Entry
2/10(Sun)Joso Church dedication 10th anniversary celebration
3/6(Wed)Ash Wednesday
3/9(Sat)Lenten Retreat
(Dominican association Father Tomasz Pawelec)
3/10(Sun)Lenten Retreat
4/14(Sun)Mass of St. balm (Urawa Church)
4/18(Thu)Holy Thursday
4/19(Fri)Good Friday
4/20(Sat)Holy Saturday (Night Vigil)
4/21(Sun)Easter SundayParty
6/2(Sun)Ascension of jesus
6/9(Sun)Pentecost Sunday
6/16(Sun)Trinity Sunday
6/23(Sun)Corpus Christi – First Communion Children’s MassParty
6/28(Fri)The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Day
School during summer vacationSummer School (Tomobe)
elementary school ,junior high school ,high school student
8/6(Tue)Transfiguration of the LordCatholic peace season (until 15th)
8/15(Thu)Mass for Assumption of Mary
9/8(Sun)Bishop Yamanouchi MassVisiting Bishop Yamanouchi, Party
Respect for the Aged Celebration
10/20(Sun)Church Bazaar
11/2(Sat)Dead day
11/ (Date to be determined)Family Day (Tomobe)
11/10(Sun)7-5-3 Celebration
11/23(Sat)Advent Retreat
11/24(Sun)Advent Retreat
12/1(Sun)First Sunday in AdventPut Up Christmas Decorations
12/24(Tue)Christmas Eve
12/29(Sun)Holy Family Holidays